Project Experience

  • Document Imaging and Archiving System
Designed, coded and implemented a document imaging and archive management system with utilizing high speed scanners, FTP, VB.NET, ASP.NET.  This system archives about 1 million pages/yr.
  • Billing and Invoice System
Designed, coded and implemented a system to entirely digitize and automate a very documentation intensive invoicing system for healthcare claims.
  • Workflow Automation
Used ASP.NET and VB.NET for automated forms generation, case research and integrated task management with MS Outlook add-ins.
  • Small parts manufacturing plant
Designed and implemented a material pull system for a plant in Mexico that assembled 34 million parts a month. Integrated the MRP (QAD) system with many of the plant's functions.
  • Small parts manufacturing plant
Designed and implemented a material pull system for a plant in Mexico that assembled 34 million parts a month. Integrated the MRP (QAD) system with many of the plant's functions.
  • Machine and Tooling Shops
Integrated one company’s scheduling and capacity planning systems with their other business processes and strategies. Selected and implemented a new enterprise wide integrated manufacturing management system at another firm after reviewing current business processes, hardware and software.
  • Internet Telephony Installation Process Management
Integrated the processes and project management systems and tools for installation at hundreds of sites worldwide of thousands of IP telephone users.
  • VoIP Network Configuration Management
Designed and built a web-based system using SQL Server 2000 and ASP.NET to manage VoIP (IP Telephony) configuration and release management for a global network. This system manages hardware and software releases to network servers and network devices and integrates automated network data collection tools for testing and verification. Managed configuration, security, sessions and operation of Microsoft network web servers (IIS) using Active Directory and other corporate standards and tools. Used VB.NET for data migration and cutover - assisted by team.
  • Quality Control and Visual Inspection Lines
Modeled and simulated labor and testing equipment requirements for new product introductions.
  • Automotive Assembly Stamping Plant
Modeled and simulated production and storage requirements and automated layout of warehouse.
  • Carburetor Plant in Mexico
Performed Goldratt style assessment. Designed and implemented Pull Systems and overhauled processes around floor material movement, storage and purchasing. Integrated with their MRP (QAD) system
  • Software Development Organization
Documented business processes and upgraded them to include professional project management and quality (ISO/CMM) best practices.  The processes were implemented on the extranet as a foundation for a digital workflow strategy.
  • Gear and Axle Plant and a Spare Parts Stamping Plant
Member of the manufacturing opportunity assessment team that identified operational issues limiting manufacturing and financial performance and prioritizing recommendations
  • Woodworking Plant
Documented and stabilized plant floor and other processes. Improved flow, quality and on-time deliveries.
  • Truck Assembly Plants
Primary engineer for modeling paint shop and resequencing processes using simulation techniques. A savings of $2.5 million was documented in one plant
  • Truck Manufacturer
Accelerated Synchronous Implementation Team. Facilitated workshops and reengineered assembly processes
  • Truck Assembly Plant Retooling
Modeled and analyzed proposed layouts of body shop, paint shop, engine, chassis, and trim line workstations
  • Grey Iron Foundry
Project engineer and leader for the installation of two Statistical Process Control systems
  • Metal Fabrication Plant
Reengineered and simplified information flow to facilitate capacity planning decisions
  • Truck Assembly Plant
Simulationist: modeled the body resequencer for improved assembly line balancing
  • Van Development Team
Modeling engineer for improving assembly line layout.
  • Assembly Plants
Developed PC/Windows based tools to facilitate the migration of the industrial engineering functions to floor supervised work teams while implementing agile manufacturing principles. Also, developed a tool for GM’s international capacity planning. Both tools were adapted a common systems for GM.
  • Foundries
Simulated the process of material delivery to determine optimal resources. Led study to determine the economic feasibility of new technologies for improving dimensional conformance for castings from GM Foundries Also, designed and implemented a Statistical Process Control system for furnaces to improve casting quality
  • Direct Mail Marketing Analysis
Used BASIC to create as the system to analyze and optimize the profitability of direct mail programs for a large mail order business.