Palmer Stevens
Academic Record of Courses by Subject Area
All Courses taken at Tulane University unless noted

   Introduction to Design B
   Machine Design B+
   Mechanical Design A-
   Thermal Design A-
   Experimental Stress Analysis & Design A
   Linear Systems I & II B+
   Design Administration A-
Mechanics and Dynamics  
   Statics & Dynamics B+
   Graphics & Mechanisms (Drafting) A-
   Materials Engineering I B
   Materials Engineering II (Lab) B-
   Mechanics of Materials A
   Basic Measurements A-
   Thermodynamics I & II B+
   Fluid Mechanics C
   Electro-Mechanics and Circuits A-
   Thermodynamics & Fluid Mechanics Lab B
   Heat Transfer A-
Base Engineering  
   Engineering Physics I & II B
   General Chemistry A
   Chemical Problems B
   Engineering Math I,II,III & IV C
   Marketing Management A-
   Marketing Strategy A-
Physical Education  
   Self Defense P
   Weight Training (5x) B+
   Tennis (3x) B
   Beginning Golf C+
Information Systems  
   Introduction to Computing I (Fortran) B
   Digital Logic (UL) Design Lab (Audited) -
   Computers & Information Systems (Waived) -
   Decision & Data Analysis B+
   Operations Management & Analysis B+
   Data Analysis & Forecasting A
   Management Info Systems & Computing A
   Topics in Management Science A
   Expert Systems in Manufacturing (UCF) B
   Computer Integrated Manufacturing (UCF) A
General Management  
   Managerial Communications B+
   Entrepreneurship A-
   Negotiations B
   Management Policy B
   Business Law B+
   Organizational Behavior B
   Engineering Design Administration A-
Accounting, Finance & Economics  
   Microeconomics I & II Macroeconomics I & II B
   Competition & Monopoly B-
   Government Regulation of Business A-
   Financial Accounting B
   Financial Management A-
   Managerial Accounting B
   Cases in Finance B
Overall GPA:  
   Engineering 3.2
   Business 3.4
   Total Credit Hours Completed 193

Note: No grades ever below a C- or Withdrawals.
All courses taken are listed here.