Marine Resume                    
Palmer K. Stevens        

Flint School aboard tall ships TeVega and TeQuest (1,022 days) 
- Second Class Engine Room Bo'sun 250 tons (Maintenance), 1980
- Third Class Engine Room Bo'sun 250 tons (Operation), 1979
- Formal Seamanship Training Courses, 1976-1980 
- Two years aboard TeVega: - a two masted gaff rigged schooner of 156' LOA,
                                                     10,403 ft2 sail area and 243 tons
- Two years aboard TeQuest: - a three masted stay-sail schooner of 173 LOA,
                                                     10,346 ft2 sail area and 371 tons
Tulane University, New Orleans, Louisiana 
- Bachelor of Science Mechanical Engineering, 1984 and MBA, 1985 -
Coast Guard Auxiliary, Basic Seamanship Course, 1975 
Bareboat Skipper of
- Safe 7 day charter of a 39' Privilege Catamaran from Miami to Key West, 1998 
- Safe 7 day charter of a 39' Privilege Catamaran in the BVIs, 1994 
- Safe 7 day charter of a 46' Motor Ketch in the Lower Florida Keys, 1990 
- Safe 5 day charter of a 41' Morgan Ketch in the Upper Florida Keys, 1988
- Crew on the 154' gaff-rigged topsail schooner Highlander Sea, 2006-2007
- Crew on the 54' Saginaw Bay Racer Dolphin, Overall Winner, 1990 Season
- Owner and racer of a 16' Hobie Cat in Central Florida Fleet 11, 1987-1990
Cadet Training
- Sailing Watch Engineer & Engine Room Crew 
- Sailing Watch Section Chief for a team responsible for bow watch, 
helm and engine room - Top Engineering Cadet and "Best Galley Help" awards - Skill and Duties: - competent operation of all machinery - generators, engines, pumps
and electrical systems - command and participation in working sails up to 2,000 ft2 each - navigation and helmsmanship - trained in fire fighting, damage control and emergency repairs - refilling the ship's tanks with water, fuel and lubricants - operation of all the fuel, air, oil, sewage, bilge, pumping, fresh and
salt water systems - surveyed and drafted all of TeQuest's fuel, oil, water and air plumbing
systems - pipe fitting and other simple machine shop skills - filter changes and lubrication for the entire shipfont>
  - Caribbean - Windward Islands, Bahamas, BVIs, Florida Coasts and Keys
  - Trans-Atlantic - via Bermuda and Azores  
  - Northern Europe - Baltic, North Sea, English Channel, Kiel Canal
  - Northern Mediterranean - Gibraltar, Aegean Sea, Monaco, Malta, Corinth Canal
  - Over 120 Different Ports in all. 
  - Licensed Professional Mechanical Engineer & Certified Manufacturing Engineer  
  - Very proficient with electronic equipment, GPS and computers.
  - Currently functioning as a Chief Technology Officer 
  - Most of professional career as a Manufacturing Systems Engineer 
  - Excellent health, aerobically active, especially cycling.
  - Do not smoke or have interest in intoxicating activities
  - Lived in the Detroit Great Lakes region since 1991
  - Currently live in Bloomfield Twp, Michigan 
  - Cell phone is 248-867-3581
  - For more background, see my professional biography.
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Privelege Cat 39

Schooner Highlander Sea

Hobie 16'