Some updated news and pictures of schooner
“DEVA” – ex “TE-VEGA”

by Captain Claudio Mottola     December 20, 2009

Update on the Years 2006-2009

In 2005, after “Te Vega” was sequestered as a consequence of the Parmalat scandal (and crack?).  Mr. Tanzi, her owner, was forced to sell her.  On December 2005, she was auctioned off to the Diego and Andrea Della Valle family, also owners of 23 metre Class-J Class rated Candida and further two classic motor yachts.  She was re-named Deva by her new owners.

I was the skipper of Candida and was therefore in charge of a quick restoration of this powerful and beautiful schooner.  I was to ready and restore her to her original beauty for the upcoming summer of 2006.  (Candida was stopped in the harbour). After a complete sanding check and painting of the hull in Genoa’s Amico Shipyard, we sailed the her to the Beconcini yard in La Spezia for a complete restoration of rigging, sails, deck and machinery equipment. Her masts, booms and gaffs were removed, carefully checked and varnished. Her cross trees were rebuilt with Douglas fir and the main boom was lengthened. The diameter of higher and intermediate shrouds were reduced to both the foremast and the main mast to reduce weight in the rigging. The four heavy davits and the two large tenders on deck were removed; a small, service tender was put in place. A low, removable sundeck was added in the central area of the deck between the foremast and the access of the forward deckhouse and this was achieved without altering the lateral profile of the schooner.  The deck is now very clean and functional. A new sail plan was designed and realized by Halsey, which is now “One”, sail-makers in La Spezia.   The new sails have a total area of 1150 square meters (12378 ft²) compared to the previous 840 (9041 ft²). The cream coloured sails are cross cut style and perfectly realized in Dacron dimension Polyant. They are strong enough to sail under fisherman weather.  Engine room and machinery was carefully serviced and updated to modern safety standards to match all requested Class Register regulations and rules.

Deva’s winter base is now the small and beautiful Bay of Le Grazie, near Portovenere (La Spezia).   She is based there along with Lulworth, Astra, Candida and other famous big classic yachts.

We have now completed four successful seasons, where were mainly in the Mediterranean waters.   We are not engaged in charter but we can host up to 12 guests.  There is a crew of 11, which includes a chef and a waiter, who are both good sailors when needed. We can sail under all seven sails and we easily reach 11-12 knots speed, according to our GPS, with 18-25 knots of true wind. Recently, on October 12th, 2009, DEVA reached and exceptional 16.1 knots in a gale wind of over 60 knots, with just the 4 lower sails: mainsail, foresail, staysail and working jib.  The speed lasted for less the 10 minutes before we broke the main gaff and the boomed staysail was reduced to shredded!

I hope this brief update was of some help for your beautiful and very interesting e-Museum website and I will be happy to provide you further material if needed.

Claudio Mottola
(captain S/Y “DEVA”)

Photos taken October 10, 2006