Decision Support

Enterprise Integrators can create Decision Support tools to keep your business responsive.

Simulation of processes can lead to an understanding of the flow beyond surface intuition and experience.  With an experienced modeler from Enterprise Integrators, a model can be efficiently constructed to reflect only the relevant elements of your processes.   Buffer sizes, production algorithms, labor requirements, cost of quality and host of other decisions about these areas can be confidently supported.  When purchasing machinery or implementing a process, it is easy to grasp how small cells interact, but only a model can predict throughput using realistic downtimes, breakdowns and other random impediments.  Before you invest large sums of capital to improvement projects where the real throughput is unclear, a model can be quite valuable in determining the realistic return on your investment.

At Enterprise Integrators, we don't just create a model, we understand the process and the data.  There are other valuable side benefits to having Enterprise Integrators model your processes.  We will organize your key planning data into a logical, related and very usable formats that are valuable for many studies beyond the model.  Microsoft Office tools, especially Excel and Microsoft's VisualBasic macros, are extensively used to integrate the model with the systems that your staff currently use.  Clear and enlightening reports can be constructed quickly to rival any you may find in the industry.

There are several possible benefits from simulation:

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